UTV Wheels

Here at Side By Side Sports we pride ourselves in our wide selection of wheels for UTV's. We carry all size UTV wheels, everything from 12" wheels up to 24" wheels and everything in between.

Wheels are all preference when comes to selecting what is right for you. Some people looking for the classic spoke design may prefer the ITP SS Series Rims or the the STI HD 4 while others may prefer the DWT Spun Aluminum. Sometimes function comes into play when selecting rims for your UTV. Often times Duners will want a wider 10" wide rim like the Method 406 Beadlock or Douglas Ultimate Sports. If weight is a concern then you will want to consider the carbon fiber Hiper Beadlocks.

For those looking for a bold look wanting to try something a little different, the custom painted No Limit Wheels are great way to match your wheels to your machine. Powdercoated in vibrant colors, these rims really pop. The MSA line of wheels is another option for the bold. MSA is known for putting fresh takes on classic designs. There are many great UTV wheels and we would be happy answer any questions you have bout them.
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