UTV Wheels and Tires

Wheel & Tires
Finding the right wheels or tires for your UTV can really transform your ride. Depending on the terrain in which you ride, the stock tires on your machine are not always the best option. If you take your Side By Side predominantly in the mud , then a good set of mud tires will make a big difference in your experience. Conversely if you are a desert rat and you spend the majority of your time in the desert, some good 8 ply hardpack tires will be your best option. If you ride in a variety of terrains a good all around tread will be your best bet. We carry a large selection of tires from all the top manufactures, including: Maxxis, High Lifter, Sedona, Skat Trak, STI and much much more.

As much as having the right tires on your UTV will make a big difference, having the right wheels on your machine makes a big difference as well . Whether it is a wide set of beadlocks, or a lightweight set of spun aluminum wheels or anything in between we have an option for you. Our large selection of wheels includes brands such as STI, ITP, Method, Fuel, Douglas and many more. Feel free to contact us at any time about fitment or recommendations. If you are looking for a pre-mounted tire and wheel package, we have those as well and can often make custom packages depending on your needs.
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