Honda Pioneer 1000 and 1000-5 - Parts and Accessories

Pioneer 1000 | 1000-5
Honda is known for their reliability and there is no doubt the Honda Pioneer 1000 and 1000-5 fit that bill. When Honda released their Pioneer series it quickly become one of the most popular UTVs on the market and for good reason. When they released their Pioneer 1000 series they really set the bar for utility vehicles. The Pioneer 1000 is a true do it all machine. You can use it for work all week on the farm and then take it out on the trails on the weekend. Unlike many other UTVs, that are strictly work or strictly sport, the Pioneer 1000 is a do it all machine.

Because of its versatility there are a variety of parts and accessories for the Pioneer 1000. Of course there are your standards, windshields, roofs and mirrors, but there are quite a few other accessories that make great additions to the Pioneer 1000 as well, heaters, snorkel kits and tie rods to name a few. If it fits on the Pioneer 1000 or 1000-5 you will find it here.
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