Arctic Cat | Textron - Wildcat - Prowler

Formerly Arctic Cat and now Textron, Prowlers and Wildcats have been staples of the UTV community for years. Customization and upgrading of UTVs can trace one of the earliest incarnations back to the Arctic Cat Prowler. Before there were sport models and 1000cc engines were the standard people were upgrading their Prowlers. Taking their work vehicles and putting roofs, windshields and exhausts on them and taking them out for fun. That tradition continues on an they are still doing that but with the sport options like the Wildcat and the Wildcat XX, customization and accessorizing your Arctic Cat or Textron has gone to the next level. Find the best parts and accessories for your needs and talk with any of your Arctic Cat or Textron experts at Side By Side Sports to get a better understanding of what you are looking for.
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