Kawasaki Ridge

Kawasaki RIDGE
Introducing the all-new Kawasaki RIDGE, a side-by-side vehicle meticulously crafted for both work and play, setting a new standard in off-road performance and comfort. With its game-changing features, the RIDGE is engineered to deliver Peak Premium Performance, making every ride an extraordinary experience.

The RIDGE is propelled by an all-new, high-performance 999cc Kawasaki-built in-line four-cylinder engine. This robust powerplant ensures an impressive power delivery, suitable for a wide range of conditions, from demanding work tasks to thrilling off-road adventures.

Kawasaki's commitment to quality is showcased in the durability and longevity of the RIDGE. From the exterior design to the interior details, the RIDGE is built to last, ensuring a first-class ride for years to come. In summary, the all-new Kawasaki RIDGE redefines the side-by-side experience, combining versatile performance, premium comfort, and Kawasaki's renowned quality. It's an invitation to explore the peaks of off-road adventure with confidence, knowing that the RIDGE is built to deliver a superior riding experience in every aspect.
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