Textron Wildcat XX - Wheels and Tires

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The Textron Wildcat XX comes standard with one of the most inspiring oem wheel and tire combos on the market. 15" KMC Wheels and 30" CST Behemoth tires are a great fit for that machine and already represent an upgrade over many other oem packages. However, the Behemoth may not suit every riding style and the KMC wheels may not be everyone's cup of tea. For those of you who are looking for something a little different, we have a huge selection of wheels and tires that will work on your Wildcat XX. Looking for sand tires or something more aggressive for the mud? No problem. Want to upgrade to a beadlock wheel? Again, no problem. No matter what tire and wheel combo you would like to run on your Wildcat XX we can help you out. If you are having trouble deciding, talk with one of our tire and wheel experts and we can help with any questions you have.
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