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XK Glow RGB LED Smartphone Controlled Rock Light Kits

Item# XKG-653-0045
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Rock Light Kit: 


Have fun lighting up the night and gain visibility at night while out on the trails! XK Glow uses a smart phone application called XKchrome to manage your lights including multi-zone control to allow more than one color at a time. With the app you can also choose to have the lights go with the beat of your music or the speed / acceleration of your vehicle.

These lights are very bright compared to the competition and are built to last. Do you want to show off your ride in a bold way on the street or while rock crawling at night? If so, this is the kit for you to light up the night!

  • Integrated reflector optics ensure these lights shine brighter and further than ever.

  • Super durable built-to-last housing can withstand rugged terrain.

  • Heat sink design allows ultimate flexibility while mounting.

  • 6W app controlled super bright RGB rock light pod.

  • Built to be withstand hard impact and be water proof.

  • Sync light to music (supports 3rd party music streaming), speed or acceleration.

  • Integrated turn signal function lets either side flash amber with your turn signal.

  • Chameleon feature, XKchrome captures color via camera and instantly turns your vehicle into that very same eye-catching color.

  • 16 million colors and over 15 holiday themes with DIY theme builder.

  • Customizable sensor wire. Change lights to preset color when activated.

  • ----Specifications----
    • 12V DC input
    • 6W per pod
    • Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
    • Android 4.4 version or higher. iOS 9 or higher
    • Sensor wire input: 12V DC

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