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Risk Racing Light Mine Pro Led Light

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More light is often useful when working on your UTV and it can often be hard to come by when you are working in tight spaces where a head lamp or garage light won't reach. Risk Racing has addressed this problem, by developing the Led Light Mine Professional.

The Led Light Mine Pro is about the size of a baseball and as the name suggests is shaped like a naval mine. The light features 12 prongs, 11 of which feature neodymium magnets, which means the light can stand on its own or it can stick to any metal surface, like the chassis of a UTV. Obviously this light can be used in a number of circumstance not just for your UTV but it does make a handy addition to a glovebox, under seat storage box or tool box.

  • Uses Lumen Tech LEDs, 8 front white and 4 red rear
  • Four light modes: low power spot, high output flood, red night vision, and a high-vis signal beacon
  • Requires 3 triple AAA batteries - Included
  • Stands on its own or attaches to something metal
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