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ITP Mayhem UTV Tire

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The ITP Mayhem Tire was designed to be a mud tire that can be driven on hardpack when needed. ITP was able to achieve this by engineering a unique lug pattern that is aggressive enough to crawl out of any mud pit but patterned in way to provide constant contact on to the ground creating a smooth ride.

Unlike other aggressive mud tires, the Mayhem was designed to be light weight, which helps with both acceleration and braking.

Like most ITP tires the Mayhem is made in the USA from a durable long lasting compound. The Mayhem is also 6 ply rated for durability without adding extra weight.

Size Model Weight (lbs) Mounted Diamater (in) Ply
25x8x12 Mayhem 21.2 25 6
25x10x12 Mayhem 22.8 25 6
26x9x12 Mayhem 24.9 25.8 6
26x11x12 Mayhem 27.1 26 6

Priced individually - wheel NOT included

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