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ITP Mega | Monster | Mammoth Mayhem UTV Tire

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ITP has taken the foundation of their Mayhem UTV tire and have blown it up to Mega, Monster and Mammoth sizes. This younger, but bigger brother of the original ITP Mayhem uses all the tricks of its sibling, has a bigger and badder lug than its predecessor

The bigger Mayhem sizes feature an aggressive 1.5-inch-deep lug for ferocious bite, that is designed to get you and your UTV out of some precarious mud holes.

The Mega, Monster and Mammoth are engineered with the same unique tread pattern as the original Mayhem, which is designed to behave as well on harder surfaces as it does in the swamp. Additionally, the larger Mayhems are made from a 6 ply carcass to keep weight down which helps with acceleration and braking. The Mayhem line of tires is also made in the USA, which means you can be assured quality rubber and production processed were used.

ITP even adds a little bit personality to this Tire by embossing a aggressive tribal pattern on the tire, leaving a recognizable footprint wherever it goes. With a variety of sizes there, ITP has created a "go-to" mud tire for many mud enthusiasts.

Size Model
Weight (lbs) Mounted Diameter (in) Ply
27x9x12 Mega Mayhem 30 27 6
27x11x12 Mega Mayhem 33.7 27 6
27x9x14 Mega Mayhem 27.5 26.7 6
27x11x14 Mega Mayhem 33.1 26.8 6
28x9x12 Mega Mayhem 32.8 28 6
28x11x12 Mega Mayhem 34.4 28 6
28x9x14 Mega Mayhem 30.4 28 6
28x11x14 Mega Mayhem 33 28 6
30x9x14 Monster Mayhem 37.8 30 6
30x10x14 Monster Mayhem 39.6 30 6
32x10x14 Mammoth Mayhem 54.9 32.4 6

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