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ITP Mud Lite XTR

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ITP was able to create an industry first by making an aggressive mud tire using radial construction. What that means for you is the tire actually rides smoother than a bias ply on moderate and hard terrain while still being aggressive enough to gain traction in the muck.

One of the interesting aspects of a radial tire is that it actually increases its footprint under a heavy load, increasing traction in all terrain. The 27" tires have approximately a 1000lb load rating at 18 psi.

The Mud Lite uses 1 1/8" lugs in a strategic V pattern to grab terrafirma and shed mud as it passes through the rotation.

Another interesting consideration for the XTR are the 2 different diameters. A 12" wheel size provides excellent flex and flotation and is ideal for mainly mud use. The 14" wheel size is more suited for all around mud and trail use because the lower profile side wall creates less flex, which improves handling, but gives back a little float.

Size Model Weight (lbs) Mounted Diamater (in) Ply
25x8x12 XTR 21.9 25.9 6
25x10x12 XTR 26.5 26.2 6
26x9x12 XTR 26 26.7 6
26x11x12 XTR 31.4 27.2 6
27x9x12 XTR 28.4 27.5 6
27x11x12 XTR 33.5 28.5 6
27x9x14 XTR 28.2 27.8 6
27x11x14 XTR 34.3 28.2 6

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