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HighLifter X-Comp 10 Ply Radial UTV Tire

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HighLifter X-Comp 10 Ply Radial UTV Tire

The HighLifter X-Comp UTV Tire is an aggressive tread, wide foortprint, radial, 10 Ply rated tire designed to provide excellent traction and exceptional handling.

The X-Comp lug pattern is designed in such a way that there is adequate space between lugs to provide significant traction, yet the layout is patterned to keep the lugs constantly in contact with the ground for a smooth ride. One of the design features contributing to combination of traction and smooth handling are the angled shoulder lugs, they expand the effective footprint of the tread allowing for a larger contact patch.

The X-Comp isn't just a performance tire with a short lifespan. HighLifter worked hard on developing one of the longest lasting most puncture resistant tires on the market. The X-Comp features a 2 stage radial construction, dual steel belts with nylon caps and a polyester carcass, all with a 10 ply rating. This type of construction makes this tire incredibly durable, high mileage and smooth handling, all while exceeding all DOT requirements.

  • Aggressive tread pattern with multi-angle shoulder tread
  • Dual steel belted, heavy duty steel belt plies for maximum durability
  • Advanced construction for superior uniformity and overall balance
  • 10-ply rated
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Size Ply Tire Weight (lbs.)
28x10x14 10 40.6
10 43.7
32x10x14 10 47.8
32x10x15 10 47.3
35x10x15 10 54
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