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HighLifter Out & Back Max UTV Tire

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HighLifter Out & Back Max UTV Tire

Formerly the Outback Max, the HighLifter Out and Back Max is an aggressive mud tire that is available in sizes ranging from 26" to 36". Built on a impressive 8 ply carcass (except for the 12" models) the Out & Back Max was designed from the ground up to excel in soft sloppy surfaces, like mud and clay. The defining feature of the Out & Back Max is the stepped-lug construction which has a tread depth of 1.5" in the center and extends up to 2.5" on the sides. The massive 36" Out & Back Max has an even bigger tread depth extending up to 3.0" on the edges.

When comparing UTV mud tires, many manufactures like to claim their tire is a certain size but when you measure it, it comes up short. The HighLifter Out & Back Max measures true, if you are looking at the 32" Out & Back it will measure a out at 32".

Quality construction, attractive design, imposing stance and excellent performance are all reasons you the find the Out & Back Max and the top of so many "Best UTV Mud Tires" lists.

  • Aggressive V lug tread digs deep while offering smooth ride on hard pack surfaces
  • 5-inch tread depth in the center, up to 2.0-inch on the shoulder
  • 6-ply or 8-ply carcass allows for low psi operation and maximum flotation
  • Deep rim guard protects your wheel investment
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Size Ply Rating
Weight (lbs)
Tread Depth (in)
Max Load
27x10-12 6 ply
40.6 1.5 470 lbs.
27x10-14 8 ply
39.6 2.0 942 lbs.
18 PSI
28x10-14 8 Ply
44.0 2.0 1002 lbs.
18 PSI
30x10-14 8 Ply
48.2 2.0 1134 lbs.
18 PSI
32x10-14 8 Ply
53.8 2.0 1260 lbs.
18 PSI
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