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AMS M1 Evil UTV Tire

Item# pu-AMSM1
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The AMS M1 Evil is a UTV tire designed for hardpack, rock and other extreme desert terrain. The M1 evil features 1" deep lugs which means it has the depth and the grit to excel in tough terrain. Additionally, natural rubber construction gives it increased puncture resistance while keeping those 1" lugs lasting longer on hard surfaces.

  • Available in both 12" and 14" wheel sizes
  • Sizes range from 26" to 32" tall
  • 26" are 6 ply
  • 27"+ are 8 Ply

M1 Evil Tire Size
M1 Evil Tire Weight
26x9x12 30.1 lbs
26x11x12 36.8 lbs
26x9x14 29.7 lbs
26x11x14 32.7 lbs
27x9x14 34.1 lbs
27x11x14 36.7 lbs
28x10x14 37 lbs
30x10x14 39.7 lbs
32x10x14 42 lbs

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