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STI Sand Drifter Paddle Tires - 28" | 30" | 32"

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If you have a high horsepower UTV and want to put high performance sand tires on it then you know how expensive that can get. Before the San Drifter you had to either settle for a less affective tire or break the bank to get a great preforming tire. Luckily STI has developed the Sand Drifter to give you the performance you desire without emptying the pocketbook. The STI Sand Drifter is a 28" tire designed for 14" wheels, so it will fit on many stock machines without any modifications (if you have any questions about fitment make sure to contact us first). 14 full size paddles provide ample hook up while allowing the right amount of wheel spin for the best combination of acceleration and top speed. The three ribs on the front smoothie act as rudders allowing for easier turning without adding resistance and maximizing flotation.

30" Sand Drifter is a light weight dune paddle giving you a wide footprint to tackle the largest dunes. The tire has a reinforced lower sidewall to minimize tire roll in lower PSI operation. Rear paddles comes with 14 one inch molded paddles and front paddle uses STI's unique tri-rib design to offer great steering response and minimum rolling resistance.

Size Ply Rating Weight (lbs) Tread Depth (in) Max Load Max PSI Overall Dia (in.)
28x10x14 2 ply 19.9 0.50 795 lbs. 18 PSI 28.5
28x13x14 2 ply 27.0 1.00 1020 lbs 18 PSI 28.5
30x11x14 2 ply 20.1 0.50 965 lbs 18 PSI 30.2
30x13x14 2 ply 27.2 1.00 1050 lbs 18 PSI 30.2
32x11x14 2 ply 23.4 0.50 1360 lbs 18 PSI 32.2
32x13x14 2 ply 29.0 1.00 1570 lbs 18 PSI 32.2
32x11x15 2 ply 24.2 0.50 1340 lbs 18 PSI 32.2
32x13x15 2 ply 28.9 1.00 1570 lbs 18 PSI 32.2

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