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Seizmik ICOS UTV Gun Rack

Item# sei-07200
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The Seizmik In Cab On Seat (ICOS) Gun Rack keeps your guns close, so you can quickly access them when needed. The ICOS sits on the seat of your UTV and buckles to the seat using your UTV's seat belt. The guns rest in cushioned cradles and are secured using glass filled nylon buckles for a strong and reliable hold.

The chassis of the is made from a proprietary foam Seizmik has developed, designed to absorb shock, impact and vibration so your firearms stay steady while on the trail. The ICOS was also designed to keep the muzzle of the gun pointed down, so it is safely pointed away from the passengers in the event of an unintentional discharge.

Seizmik's unique and practical design will likely appeal to those UTV hunters who want quicker access to their guns and those who cannot afford to sacrifice bed space.

Fits: Universal

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