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14" UTV Wheel Package with Maxxis Tires

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All Wheel sets include Rims, Tires, Mounting, Lugs and Center Caps.

Maxxis Tires


Maxxis Zilla

Based on the proven Maxxis Mudzilla tread design.
Increased center tread provides a smooth ride on the trails.
Great traction combined with excellent braking characteristics and very predictable high-speed performance.
Very lightweight, yet durable 6-ply rating allows for quicker acceleration while maintaining Maxxis' legendary durability.

Bighorn Radial and 2.0

Raised white lettering.
Radial construction offers a significantly smoother ride over rough trails.
Extra lugs on the shoulder protect the sidewall and rim.
Raised white lettering on one side.
Tire is suitable for desert, dirt and rock application.
Tread pattern features a wide footprint which gives the tire exceptional traction.

Based on the legendary Bighorn, the new Bighorn 2.0 is a lightweight version that mimics the tread design of the original, with a slimmer profile and shorter tread creating a much lighter tire.
Radial construction provides better shock absorption, allowing for a smoother ride.
The non-directional pattern provides predictable cornering and claws up roots and rocks, creating optimum climbing confidence.
The Bighorn 2.0 boasts a 6-ply rating, offering the durability that you feetve grown to expect from Bighorn tires.

Maxxis Ceros

The all new Maxxis Ceros is a UTV-specific tire, built to handle the extreme abuse your UTV takes.
The Ceros contains a directional, smooth rolling tread pattern, providing steering precision and straight line stability at high speeds.
The tread pattern also creates predictable braking due to its aggressive traction for hard pack to intermediate conditions.

Maxxis Vipr

The Vipr features radial construction for a smooth ride and unmatched performance that stems from an aggressive tread pattern with deep lugs. To top it off, a high load rating means Vipr tires can take a beating under the heavy weight of your side-by-side or UTV. The Maxxis Vipr is constructed specifically for side-by- sides and UTVs A directional tread pattern with deep lugs excels in loose to intermediate terrains, able to shed mud but also roll smoothly on hardpack Radial construction provides a plush feel and a large contact patch for the ultimate ride through the desert or on muddy trails Features 6-ply rated construction and a rim guard


ITP Wheels

STI Wheels

STI Hd3 Beadlocks

Come with silver rings if no color chosen. Additional colored rings may be ordered. We will mount them with the colored rings you have chosen and ship the silver rings to you with wheels.

DWT Wheels (Douglas)



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