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8 Piece Winch Recovery Extraction Kit

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Dynojet 8 Piece Winch Recovery Extraction Kit - #99900003

Dynojet leads the pack for performance, power, and enjoy making every ride the Ultimate Ride. If issues arise during those rides, be the first to lend a helping hand to a friend by winching them out of a jam or getting them back to camp. The Dynojet Recovery kit contains the necessary high-quality items to make the task a breeze.

Constructed high-tensile steel, the 10T rated Snatch block is suitable for all winches and cables up to 16mm. The 4.7T rated shackles are essential for vehicle recovery while on or off road commonly used to link recovery snatch straps, tree trunk protectors, winch extension straps and snatch blocks. Using a snatch strap is necessary when your vehicle becomes stuck in sand, mud, or snow. This 8,000kg rated strap is unique in that it can stretch 10%-20% under load. The kinetic energy straps store is used to pull vehicles out of their stuck.

The 5,000kg can be used for extending the reach of a winch rope/cable or for straight towing situations not snatching. The 10,000kg tree trunk protector allows you to minimize harm to a tree when using as an anchor point, and can also be used as a mounting point for a snatch block.

  • 10T Snatch Block
  • (2) 4.7T Shackles
  • 9m x 8,000kg Snatch Strap
  • 10m x 5,500kg Winch Extension Strap
  • 3m x 14,000kg Tree Trunk Protector
  • Size XL Protective Gloves
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