Can Am Commander | Roofs - Hard Tops - Soft Tops

Want to get yourself out of the elements? Roofs not only protect you from the sun and rain they also keep you cool in the hot desert. Along with windshields, roofs are one of the first things Commander or Maverick owners add to their vehicle. Roof options are as diverse as Can Am owners themselves. There are soft tops for those riders who like something light weight and easily removable. There are poly or plastic tops for riders who want firm protection above them without the weight of a metal roof. Then there are those who prefer the aluminum top for its superior protection from the elements and impacts. Whatever style of Commander or Maverick Roof you are looking for we have you covered, literally. At Side by Side sports we have many options of roofs for your Can-Am Commander or Can- Am Maverick and would be happen to go over them with you if you have any questions.
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