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Kawasaki Mule SX LED Light Bar - Mule | Teryx

Item# KAW-99994-1179
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Whether you are working or playing, some things just need to get done after sundown. Kawasaki's new rugged 12 inch light bar features 4 floodlight reflectors and 6 spot beam reflectors for a total of 10 LED lights! This makes your field of vision even brighter and wider than most trail lights. Operates as a combination flood/spotlight when the toughest jobs require extra lighting conditions. For daytime operation, the UV-resistant polycarbonate lens can take the sun and heat and won't yellow over time. The best part? It comes with all needed mounting hardware and powder-coated brackets for easy installation. 12V DC Input.

  • Teryx requires LED Light Bar Harness Kit (99994-1525) and Brush Guard (99994-1153) for mounting, sold separately
  • Mule Pro-MX requires LED Light Bar Harness Kit (99994-1180)

  • 12 inch super-duty light bar
  • Combination flood/spot light
  • UV-resistant polycarbonate lens
  • Comes with all mounting hardware and powder coated brackets
  • 12V DC Input
Usually ships 2-3 business days

  • MULE PRO-MX 21-22
  • MULE PRO-MX (EPS) 19-22
  • MULE PRO-MX (EPS) LE 19-22
  • MULE PRO-MX CAMO (EPS) 19-22
  • MULE PRO-MX SE 2022
  • Teryx 21-22
  • Teryx CAMO 2021
  • Teryx LE 2021
  • Teryx S LE 21-22
  • Teryx4 21-22
  • Teryx4 CAMO 2021
  • Teryx4 LE 2021
  • Teryx4 S LE 21-22
  • Teryx4 S LE CAMO 2021
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