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PRP's LIMIT STRAPS (6" - 44") are a heavy-duty - 4 layer straps designed for off-road durability.

Essential in custom suspension setups, they protect against damage to suspension and drivetrain components by limiting the vehicle's unsprung weight force during jumps or high-speed off-road sections. These straps also safeguard CV joints from excessive deflection, preventing damage and prolonging their lifespan. Each strap is meticulously crafted with 10,000lb webbing and is available in 1" increments from 6" to 44", ensuring a precise fit for various applications.

Sold individually, each strap features a 9/16" diameter bolt hole on each tab end.

  • Available in 1 increments from 6 to 44
  • Measured from the center of each hole
  • 4 layers of 10,000 lb webbing
  • Expect up to 1″ of stretch per 12″ of strap
  • Heat treated steel tabs
  • Sold individually

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