Polaris RZR 570 | 800 Front Coil Spring - (1 Pair)Zoom

Polaris RZR 570 | 800 Front Coil Spring - (1 Pair)

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Heavy duty Front Coil Spring for the Polaris RZR. Perfect for getting the front end back to a stock location after installing a heavy winch or just giving you that more stable and less bounce in your ride.

OEM springs tend to fatigue rapidly even with low mileage. The High Lifter Lift Springs were engineered to provide about 100 additional pounds of capacity (per 4 set) over the new stock springs. They were also designed to make a significant difference in the performance of your ATV with as little affect as possible on the ride and handling of the machine. And hereís a big bonus, a complete set of the Lift Springs may be installed for substantially less than the cost of one replacement OEM shock.

For those who ride at slower speeds, with big tires and heavier loads, the Lift Springs will be a welcome and economical upgrade. Depending on the make, model, and current modifications to the unit, the High Lifter Lift Springs have been known to add on full inch of suspension lift, however, itís not guaranteed. The Lift Springs add some stiffness to the ride and decrease roll, but have not been found harsh or uncomfortable by anyone who has ridden them. One thing is for sure. If you are a hardcore mud rider or you carry a load, your ATV could stand a heavier load capacity. The High Lifter Lift Springs are just what the doctor ordered!

Kit includes a pair of springs to lift the front or the rear of the unit. You will need 2 sets if doing both front and rear.

Powder-coating the springs will void any warranty. If you wish to paint your springs, you must use a different method.

Note: 2011-2019 models come with spring adapter kit

You can use these coil springs with your Stock Shocks!

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