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Super ATV | CF Moto UForce 1000 | Aluminum Roof

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2019+ CFMOTO UForce 1000

Upgrade your CFMOTO UForce 1000 with SuperATV's Aluminum Roof for enhanced protection against the elements, especially the scorching sun.

This roof is designed to provide reliable shade on the hottest days, ensuring you can continue working or enjoying recreational rides without being hindered by heat. Crafted from resilient 0.079" aluminum, it offers exceptional strength while remaining lightweight and sleek, making it an ideal and stylish addition to your UTV.

The durable aluminum roof is precision-designed with steel clamps, a water-tight rubber seal, and a sturdy gasket, ensuring a secure fit for a smooth and quiet ride. Its impact-resistant construction makes it highly resilient against even the most significant impacts, maintaining its integrity over time.

Beyond protection, this roof enhances your UTV's utility by blocking heat for a cooler and more comfortable ride. It also provides shade on extremely hot days, and the drip edges effectively channel water away, keeping your cab dry during rainy conditions.

The roof's sleek, low-profile design complements the aesthetic of your CFMOTO UForce 1000 without adding bulk. The UV-resistant powder coating prevents rust and corrosion while matching your machine's paint job. Additionally, the flat aluminum surface is perfect for customization, allowing you to decorate and personalize it easily. SuperATV's Aluminum Roof brings together style and practicality, ensuring that it not only enhances your UTV's appearance but also provides effective and personalized protection from the elements.

  • Made of 0.079 aluminum
  • Heavy-duty steel clamps keep roof secure
  • Snug, rattle-free fit
  • Sealed edges to prevent leaking
  • UV-resistant powder coat finish
  • Easy to install - includes all hardware and instructions

    If you are curious about how to install this product, you can view the Install Instructions here.

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