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Cargo Bed Lift - Mule ProMX

Item# KAW-99994-1167
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Kawasaki has gone next-level for the rider who needs a next-level job done efficiently and quickly. We are talking "Earthmover" grade hydraulic power by KYB! Get ready to power up your Mule ProMX all the way with self-contained hydraulics. This means no hoses, no reservoir to fill or top off, and no bleeding process. Simple installation without arms or levers and a full 800 pounds of job-crushing capacity.

  • "Earth mover" grade hydraulic power
  • No hoses
  • 800 lbs weight capacity
  • Reservoir-free
  • Simple installation
Usually ships 2-3 business days

  • MULE PRO-MX 21-22
  • MULE PRO-MX (EPS) 19-22
  • MULE PRO-MX (EPS) LE 19-22
  • MULE PRO-MX CAMO (EPS) 19-22
  • MULE PRO-MX SE 2022
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