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Bikemaster Platium - Polaris RZR Battery

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BikeMaster Platinum High Performance Sealed Gel Batteries
The liquid-free, flexible design allows you to mount the battery in almost any position (inverted is not recommended)
BikeMaster Platinum batteries were made to hold up to extreme amounts of heat and vibration
1 year manufacturers warranty
Increased shelf life. 2% monthly self discharge rate means a bike can sit for an extended period of time without constantly monitoring it with a battery charger
Ready to go out of the box. Valve regulated design allows you to sell a battery without filling and charging it. This is huge because it saves the labor of prepping a battery and ensures that you never lose a sale because you dont have one ready
Completely sealed and maintenance free. This design eliminates the need to add water and prevents corrosion and acid spills on expensive paint and chrome
More cranking amperage than the competition. The lack of free electrolyte reduces resistance and produces 25% more cranking amperage
UPS shippable, non-hazardous rated by the D.O.T. and I.A.T.A for all methods of shipping including air. No hazardous materials fees

Usually ships in 3-4 business days
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