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CF Moto UForce 1000 Ice Crusher Cab Heater

Item# 72-10378


Applicability: 2019-21 CFMOTO UForce 1000

Staying warm through the winter months can be next to impossible if your machine isn't equipped for the season. You could always get bundled up, but then your mobility isn't up to par, and it's almost just as uncomfortable. Why not get your rig winterized so you can run all-year-round regardless of what Mother Nature throws at you. A well-crafted and innovative system is the Uforce 1000 Behind the Dash Cab Heater by Ice Crusher. This aftermarket winter accessory comes as a complete kit with everything you for a straightforward installation, right down to detailed instructions and necessary hardware.

Ice Crusher engineers the UTV cab heater with durability and function in mind. Everything from the casing to the Y-connectors features outstanding construction dynamics meant to perform in the harshest environmental conditions. This SxS heater features adjustable vents, to include defrosting louvers, with a three-speed fan capacity. What makes this unit stand out from other water-operated systems is the intake location. This UForce 1000 heater draws the air from within the cab, where it's cleaner and warmer. There is no need for rig hibernation with the likes of Side By Side Stuff around. Warm-up your ride today.

  • Fits completely up under the hood area
  • Three speed fan
  • 14,600 BTU output
  • Adjustable louvers
  • 6 vents - (2) 2" vents mount in the center of the dash top to defrost the windshield, (2) 2" vents mount in the center dash panel, (1) 2" and (1) 3" vent mount in the lower dash area
  • Heater intake comes from inside the cab where the air is cleaner and warmer
  • Custom CNC made alloy Y connectors that connect directly to the engines cooling system for fast heat
  • Kit includes custom CNC laser cut mounting brackets, heater hoses and duct hoses, hose clamps, new and improved vents, hole saws, grommets, switch, wiring loom and terminals, templates, your specific mounting bracket with hardware, and instructions
  • Three year limited manufacturer's warranty

MaxStat Inline Coolant Bypass Thermostat Features:
  • Directs all engine coolant to your cab heater making the output of your heater at its maximum
  • Opens to let coolant flow though the radiator when the cooling system requires it to keep the UTV engine at an optimal temperature
  • CNC machined aluminum
  • 5/8 barbed heater hose output
  • Ships with a replaceable 180' thermostat
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