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Xenon Polyurethane Polaris RZR XP 1000 Doors

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Xenon Polaris RZR XP 1000 Doors


For Xenon it all begins with design. Products are designed to flow with the vehicle's natural lines and meet, what we believe, are the popular trends on the cutting edge of both style and function. Xenon Polaris Doors were individually designed for both the 2 and 4 door applications. We provide distinctive accessory doors and panels that allow side-by-side owners an opportunity to add style to their vehicles, while keeping debris from the interior space.


Xenon's commitment to quality has made us a leader in automotive styling kits. Quality starts with engineering and design. Xenon designs and produces all of its own tooling. Our tooling design capability, experience and knowledge allows Xenon to build superior molded products. Quality comes first during every step of the process. Our products provide a blend of style, fit, and rugged toughness. Only urethane parts can produce such a winning combination.

Rugged Urethane Sport Doors

In the tried and true tradition of Xenon truck and Jeep flares, Xenon Sport Doors are made of rugged urethane and are virtually indestructible. Other sport doors are manufactured from aluminum, steel, fiberglass or ABS plastic with a minimal wall thickness that can easily be dented, cracked or broken.


Xenon has long been recognized for its excellent fitment in all products it produces. Design and rugged toughness just aren't enough if the Sport Doors don't fit properly. Xenon Sport Doors and Panels are designed to match the body contours, factory door frames, and tubular body frame. Good fitment translates into easy installation.


Xenon urethane Sport Doors can be installed in their natural satin black finish or easily painted prior to installation. Complete prep, priming and painting instructions are included in each kit. The Sport Doors may be easily prepped for the application of graphic designs that we readily adhere to doors and panels.

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