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VR Tuned ECU Flash Tune Polaris ACE 900 X

Item# AP-VRT-POL-ACE-900
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If you’re tired of seeing other riders dust, an ECU tuning for your Polaris ACE 900 X is the way to go. Why? How about 6-9 horsepower gains (depending on your current mods and octane), raised speed and rev limiters and improved throttle response. Enhance performance and safety are #1, as this tuning always takes into account your driving style, current modifications, and road environment. Add on a basic bolt on intake or exhaust and get even more power and torque!

  • 6-9 horsepower gains depending on octane and mods
  • Speed and Rev Limiters raised
  • Vastly improved driving experience
  • Greatly improved throttle response
  • For racing competition only. Not street legal.

Fits:Polaris ACE 900 2016-2017

Usually Ships in 1-2 Business Days (Mail in Ecu needs to be shipped To the Manufacturer in Arizona and once received, it will be reflashed and overnighted back to you )
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