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Trail Armor Polaris Ranger XP 800 CoolFlo Windshield

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Fits 2009-2013 Ranger 700/800

****If ordering for 2009 Ranger Crew use 2005-2008 Ranger 500/700****

Quick - what is the most common complaint about riding off-road in a side x side vehicle? Iíll bet you said ďthe DUSTĒ. Install a windshield and roof and you actually compound the problem. In frustration, many have chosen to give up the protection of a windshield altogether rather than be plagued by the dust and heat. After extensive trail testing, Trail Armor has the answer Ė the CoolFlo Windshield (patent pending). This unique two-piece design delivers relief from back draft dust while providing superior face and eye protection. As an added benefit, it also helps by reducing cabin temperature.

How are CoolFlo windshields different from other shields on the market? To answer this, letís look at what creates the problem. An open, roll-caged vehicle lets air flow freely while in motion. Put a windshield on the vehicle and the flow of air is changed - a low pressure zone is created behind the windshield. Ever ride in a jeep or convertible car and wonder why your hair blows forward toward the front or windshield? It is because of this low pressure. Automakers have addressed the issue by adding spoilers to roof racks and rear windows to create an air curtain. This works at highway speeds, but the problem still exists at lower trail speeds. It is this low pressure zone that draws the dust into the cab.

By simply removing the lower section of the windshield, air is redirected by special foils downward to the floor and backward into the cab, effectively breaking the low pressure zone and forcing trapped engine heat out of the vehicle. The upper portion of the CoolFlo Windshield stays in place for much needed eye and face protection. What if itís too cold to ride without a full windshield? Leave the bottom part on and take it off later if you need to. Others have tried to fix the dust and heat problem by making half or three-quarter windshields. This only reduces the low-pressure zone; it does not break it. And half windshields do not provide adequate eye protection. So, with a half windshield you have no upper protection, only slightly less dust and the cool air is blown over your head without providing any relief.

Trail Armorís CoolFlo Windshields, made of 1/4" mar-resistant coated (on the interior and exterior) polycarbonate, provide excellent face and eye protection and relieves back draft dust and heat for a comfortable ride. They are easy to install, and the lower section can be removed and replaced on the fly. Trailers great with both panels in place. Securely mounts with a total of 9 brackets for added rigidity while towing and on the trail.

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