Snorkel Kit for CF Moto ZForce 950Zoom

Snorkel Kit for CF Moto ZForce 950

Item# SYA-71-11233



Applicability: 2020-22 CFMOTO ZForce 950 Sport

What do you use your buggy for? Are you one to stare down the barrel of the deep, knowing dang good and well you shouldn't send it... but you want to anyway. Well, then you're going to need to relocate that intake of yours so you can send that sucker through the muckiest waters you can find. We know, we know, that sounds like a lot of work. However, with the ZForce 950 Warrior Riser Snorkel Kit by Snorkel Your ATV, you get everything you need for a straightforward install, including detailed picture instructions. Let's check it out more in-depth.

The aftermarket snorkel kit comes with all the necessary components to relocate that intake to include the CVT inlet, both outlets, the air intake, and all vent lines. Speaking of vent lines; the Warrior Risers have integrated vent line slots that keep everything up high, so the engine won't get water-logged. What's great is this kit has been designed to keep the same airflow ratio as your stock intake, which means no need for an EFI tuner. That alone is a massive perk. Now factor in that you don't have to relocate any electronics, and you're able to trek through the deep without fear. What's not to want?

  • Full 2" hard pipe system
  • Three (3) risers in the rear
  • Uses a 2" air box intake using the factory intake connection to keep the airflow as it is stock
  • No EFI tuning required
  • Will snorkel the CVT inlet, both CVT outlets, air intake and all vent lines
  • No relocation of electronics required
  • Warrior risers have built in vent line slots to keep vent lines high, dry and secured cleanly
  • Risers come in an all black finish but can easily be painted or hydro-dipped
  • Comes with detailed instructions and pictures for easy installation
  • Comes standard with removable Warrior Wear tips
    • Not required for use
    • Easily cleaned and reusable, come unglued so you can custom paint them (come in black ONLY)
    • Easily glued with Locktite Stick'N Seal glue and can be glued with or without the water repellent pre-filter material
    • CVT outlet SHOULD NOT have the water repellent material in place

Optional LED Snorkel Accent Lights:
  • Includes three 3 inch LED lights
  • LED Snorkel lights are a key on system, meaning they come on when you turn the key on the machine

All snorkel kits may required some cutting / drilling, which is standard for snorkel kits
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