Highlifter | CF Moto UForce 800 | SYA Warrior Snorkel KitZoom

Highlifter | CF Moto UForce 800 | SYA Warrior Snorkel Kit

Item# HIL-71-11231


2018-2022 CFMOTO UForce 800
2015-2018 CFMOTO UForce 800 EPS

These snorkel kits move vent tubes to higher levels, allowing you to navigate through higher water levels confidently. By relocating vent tubes, the snorkel ensures the delivery of clean, dry air to crucial engine and component parts like clutches, differentials, transmission, carburetors, and fuel tanks.

The Warrior Riser Snorkel Kits from Snorkel Your ATV come standard with removable Warrior Wear Tips, easily snapping in for cleaning and providing optional customization. Crafted from water-repellent material by Outerwears, the Warrior Wear Tips can be unglued for custom painting or hydro graphics dipping to match your machine. Use Loctite Stick'N Seal Glue for easy reattachment, with the option to include or exclude water-repellent pre-filter material based on your preference. The CVT outlet should remain without water-repellent material.

Detailed instructions in the kit offer comprehensive information on Warrior Wear Tips, ensuring a durable, reusable, and easily cleaned solution for tackling deep waters and enhancing your off-road adventures.

PLEASE NOTE: You have to cut/trim some plastic to install most Snorkel kits.

  • This Snorkel kit comes with our Patented Warrior Risers & removable snap in Warrior Wear Pre filter Tips
  • Warrior Wear pre filter tips come unglued for easy painting and gives you the choice of using the water repellent material or not
  • Warrior Risers have built in Vent Line Slots for properly snorkeling the vent lines
  • Warrior Risers have side mounted built in slide connections for securing and locking your Warrior Risers together cleanly
  • Rubber boot connections for easy disassembly
  • This kit contains three 2" risers.
  • All SYA Snorkel kits come with detailed instructions and pictures for an easy installation
  • This is a 2" Snorkel kit - All Hard Pipe Kit
  • Comes with Vent lines and connectors
  • This is a full and complete snorkel kit
  • No Tuning or jetting needed with our kits

    This item usually ships in 2-3 business days.

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