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Super ATV | CF Moto ZForce 1000 | 2.5" Lift Kit

Item# SUP-LK-CF-ZF1000
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2019+ CFMOTO ZForce 1000

Experience enhanced performance with SuperATV's 2.5" Lift Kit for the CFMOTO ZForce 1000, providing increased clearance for conquering challenging trails and overcoming larger obstacles.

This true 2.5" lift not only improves your overall riding experience but also allows for a smoother journey. The installation is a breeze and can be easily completed solo. With a lifetime warranty, you have the freedom to push your limits - tackle whoops, jumps, and creeks with confidence.

Crafted from heavy-duty CNC-milled 6061 billet aluminum alloy, our high-strength spacers ensure durability that can withstand the most demanding off-road adventures. SuperATV guarantees strength and reliability for even the wildest riders, empowering you to ride wherever and however you want. This lift kit is a testament to SuperATV's commitment to providing robust solutions for an unrestricted off-road experience.

  • 2.5" front and rear lift
  • High-strength CNC milled 6061 aluminum alloy spacers
  • Easy install comes complete with instructions

    If you are curious about how to install this product, you can view the Install Instructions here.

    This item usually ships in 2-3 business days.
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