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Primary Clutch Springs

Item# epi-PATV4
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COLOR---PART#---2-1/2" Load-----2-1/4" Load----1-1/4" Load

Purple-----PATV4-----120 lbs---------132 lbs--------182 lbs

Yellow----PATV3------95 lbs---------105 lbs--------145 lbs

White-----PATV6------75 lbs----------91 lbs--------155 lbs

Orange----PATV2------75 lbs----------87 lbs--------140 lbs

Red-------PATV1------35 lbs----------54 lbs-------140 lbs

Gold------PATV9------25 lbs----------47 lbs--------135 lbs

Almond----PATV12-----19 lbs----------47 lbs--------160 lbs

Green-----PATV7------17 lbs----------38 lbs--------123 lbs

Maroon----PATV10------1 lbs----------35 lbs-------170 lbs

Pink------PATV8-------0 lbs----------24 lbs-------160 lbs

Blue------PATV5*------0 lbs----------20 lbs-------115 lbs

* Replaces Polaris 7041157 Blue/Green

•Fine tune your engagement and top RPM as you like.

•Designed from the highest quality material.

•All EPI springs manufactured using a 5% tolerance which is the lowest in the industry.

•ISO 9000 certified.

•Largest selection of springs to choose from.

Usually ships in 3-4 business days
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