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Polaris Stock Spring Shims

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These spring shims are an excellent upgrade for your stock shocks. If your RZR or Ranger XP needs just a little more ride height OR if you'd like a little firmer ride this is the most inexpensive solution. These shims will work with stock springs OR our stock replacement spring kits. They create 1/2" of spacing (preload) per ring and they're stackable. If you want more preload just add another one. Our spring shims are quite different than other companies spring shims, what makes them superior is ours mount on the bottom side of the spring. Most companies shims/spacers mount on the top side of the spring. If one considers this, one should realize by mounting a spacer on the top side of the spring you would effectively be reducing the amount of usable stroke the shock has which in turn will greatly reduce the amount of suspension travel! Racer Tech once again provides the smart solution for the people who don't want to spend the big money on aftermarket shocks right away. Shims are sold in pairs.

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