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Honda Pioneer 700 Side Enclosures

Item# gm-PIO700SE
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The Honda Pioneer 700 Side Enclosures are designed to work in coordination with a previously installed roof and windshield. The side enclosures use Velcro straps to wrap around the upper part of the roll cage while the lower parts of the enclosure attach to the door. One of the benefits of the zippered door is the ability to unzip the door and take them all the way off on warm days when they are no longer necessary

These side enclosures are made from 18 ounce vinyl and feature automotive grade flexible acrylic windows for optimal clarity.

Fits: 2015+ Honda Pioneer 700 2 Seater

Note - Will NOT fit Honda Pioneer 700-4

Usually ships in 2-3 weeks - However lead times can extended up to 4 weeks during peak season.
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