Honda Pioneer 1000 Power Commander V Fuel and Ignition ControllerZoom

Honda Pioneer 1000 Power Commander V Fuel and Ignition Controller

Item# pcv-16-063
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Controlling the Fuel and Air ratio is one of best ways to optimize the Honda Pioneer 1000 and get the most power out of it. Power Commander has long been the leader when it comes to fuel and ignition controllers for the UTV industry. They are the measuring stick when it comes to piggy back programmers.

With the Honda Pioneer 1000 controller, all the standard features apply. The unit is simply a plug-in add on to your current ECU, no flashing required. Mapping is easy, programming the Power Commander V can be done on the computer or on the fly which makes it extremely versatile in varying conditions. Unlike other programmers the PCV also allows you to adjust the ignition and allows for higher RPMs thus a higher top end speed.

If you are installing or have installed an aftermarket exhaust on your Pioneer 1000, the Power Commander V is going to be the best way to maximize your horsepower gain.

Fits both Honda Pioneer 1000-3 and Pioneer 1000-5

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