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HMF Polaris General 1000 | RZR S 1000 Titan Series Slip-On Exhaust

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The HMF Titan Series Slip-On Exhaust is available in different versions, the QS and the XL. The QS is the quiet version and features HMF's signature quiet core technology keeping the exhaust and loud but respectable tone. The XL version is Loud, it features a completely unrestricted core and give the use ultimate flow and high decibels. The titan-QS at idle puts out about 85dB and the Titan-XL puts out about 88dB. To put that in perspective the stock exhaust on the General and RZR S 1000 is about 85 dB.

However, there is more than just volume when it comes to the Titan Series Exhaust. when tested the QS series slip-on was able to generate an additional 3 hp with the XL unrestricted able to generate an additional 4 hp.

Blackout Option

The Blackout option from HMF is a black ceramic coating applied to the Titan series exhaust that reduces heat emissions and creates an aggressive and bold exhaust look.

Fits: Polaris General 1000 and Polaris RZR S 1000

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