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Genuine Honda Accessory Fuse Box

Item# hon-0SS25-HL4-A00
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Genuine Honda Accessory Fuse Box - #0SS25-HL4-A00

Supports up to eight accessories and includes: *4 switch outputs. *1 wiper/washer output. *3 constant power auxiliary outputs. *Rated at 80 amps.

*Pioneer 1000 models require: Honda Accessory Fuse Box Wiring Kit (#0SS26-HL4-A00) and Fuse Box & Audio Mount Bracket (#0SS27-HL4-A00).

*Talon models require Fuse Box Mount Kit (#0SS26-HL6-A00) and Busbar Kit (#0SS27-HL6-A00).

Required for Installation - Sold Separately:
  • PIONEER 1000 3P/5P - Fuse Box Wiring Kit 0SS26-HL4-A00 / Fuse Box & Audio Mount Bracket 0SS27-HL4-A00
  • PIONEER 700 2P/4P - Bus Bar Kit 0SS27-HL3-A00 / Fuse Box Wiring Kit 0SS26-HL3-A00
  • TALON Models - Fuse Box Mount Kit 0SS26-HL6-A00 / Busbar Kit 0SS27-HL6-A00
If you are curious about how to install this product, you can view the Install Instructions here.

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