Kawasaki Pro-MX Soft Upper Door Set - HTC Green Zoom

Kawasaki Pro-MX Soft Upper Door Set - HTC Green

Item# KAW-99994-1240
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If you work and play in changing weather conditions, convenience is yours with Kawasaki's all-new Cab Enclosure and Upper Door Set in HTC Green. It can be installed or removed quickly to accommodate any climate condition. The durable, pro-grade 600 Denier Sur Last water-resistant material easily attaches to stock doors and is held closed with the existing door latching system.

Note: This enclosure is towable on open trailers when used in combination with any full windshield (Flip-Up Polycarbonate Windshield must be in the closed position) and Cab Enclosure, Soft Back, or KQR Rear Panel, Polycarbonate (99994-1156). Vehicle must be positioned in the forward-facing direction, Soft Upper Door Set must be closed, and tow strap connected when towing.

About HTC Green: HTC Green provides and displays the ideal mix of oak limbs, leaves, and twigs, dissolving movement into various green landscape patterns. For those who hunt game year-round, HTC Green is the perfect anytime hunting camo for the ideal concealment.

  • Changes easily to accomdate any weather condition
  • Durable, pro-grade 600 Denier Sur Last water-resistant material
  • Tows easily in combination with other enclosure additions
  • Superior pro-grade performance
  • Easily attaches to stock doors
Usually ships 1-2 business days

Assembly: Creates a full enclosure when combined with:
  • Cab Enclosure, Soft Roof (99994-1159)
  • Plastic Roof (99994-1157) or Steel Roof (99994-1158) Cab Enclosure
  • Soft Back (99994-1160) or KQR Rear Panel Polycarbonate (99994-1156)
  • KQR Full Fixed Windshield, Polycarbonate (99994-1154) or
  • KQR Full Windshield, Glass (99994-1155).

  • MULE PRO-MX 21-22
  • MULE PRO-MX (EPS) 19-22
  • MULE PRO-MX (EPS) LE 19-22
  • MULE PRO-MX CAMO (EPS) 19-22
  • MULE PRO-MX SE 2022
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