3 Star | Yamaha YZX 1000R | Vented Windshield Zoom

3 Star | Yamaha YZX 1000R | Vented Windshield

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Fits: 2016-2018 Yamaha 1000R

Get the windshield you want by beginning with premium materials, precision-cut with CNC technology, proudly manufactured in America.
Crafted from 1/4" Lexan polycarbonate, renowned for its remarkable impact strength and durability. Opting for 1/4" thickness ensures superior performance, preventing bowing at high speeds or during transportation, unlike thinner 3/16 options.

Some Customization Options are:

VENTS: Enhance air flow as needed by adding vents to your windshield. These vents span from the front of the driver to the front of the passenger, offering the flexibility to open or close them by sliding the cover side-to-side.

SCRATCH-RESISTANT COATING: Opt for a scratch-resistant hard-coated windshield made from MR10 (Mar-Resistant) Lexan. This choice combines the impact strength of polycarbonate sheets with a proprietary abrasion and UV-resistant coating.

LOOP CLAMPS: Choose loop clamps as a robust and cost-effective mounting option. These vibration-damping clamps are made of zinc-plated steel with a vinyl coating for cushioning.

QUICK INSTALL STRAPS and TRIM: For the quickest and easiest installation on the market, select Quick Install Straps. Made of military-grade hook and loop, these straps require no tools. Simply thread them through the windshield slots, mount, and attach. Quick Connect Clamps come with additional automotive trim along the sides, which is pre-installed for your convenience.

QUICK CONNECT CLAMPS: Opt for top-of-the-line clamps made of powder-coated 2-piece steel. After installation, these clamps allow easy removal or re-installation of windshield sections by simply removing the knob bolt. Similar to Quick Install Straps, Quick Connect Clamps feature additional automotive trim along the sides.

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