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3 Star Industries 2-Piece Windshield for Intimidator

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3 Star Industries 2-Piece Windshield for Intimidator - #INTGC3-LG2

The unique design of the 2-piece windshield offers function in all seasons. During colder months, the full windshield offers the needed front wind protection. During warmer months, the 2-piece independent windshield sections allows the lower section to be removed for great air flow while the top remains on as a bug shield. All hardware needed for the installation is provided.

This product is specifically designed to fit an Intimidator 3-Seater GC1K/Classic/Truck or Intimidator 6-Seater Crew.

  • 1/4" thick Lexan polycarbonate
  • 2-Piece design for when more air in the cab is desired
  • Flexible PVC automotive trim seals any gaps
  • Bends for design purposes that add strength to the windshield
  • Easy install with all included mounting hardware
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A. - Carlisle, Kentucky

  • Windshield Options:

    • MR10 Scratch-Resistant Coating - MR10 is a scratch-resistant polycarbonate that combines the impact strength of Lexan with a proprietary abrasion and UV-resistant coating on both sides.
    • Vents - A set of vents are installed in front of the driver and passenger. The vents open and close by simply sliding the cover side-to-side.
    • Quick Install Straps - Made of military-grade hook and loop, simply thread the straps through the windshield slots, mount, and attach.
    • Loop Clamps - Made of zinc-plated steel with a vinyl coating for cushioning and vibration-damping.
    • Quick Connect Clamps - These top-of-the-line clamps are a powder-coated 2-piece steel clamp. Once installed, the windshield sections can be removed or re-installed by simply removing the knob bolt.
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