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Yamaha Wolverine X2 | X4 2nd Battery Kit

Item# YAM-BG4-H21B0-V0-00
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If you are installing a lot of electrical accessories on your Wolverine X2 | X4 than a 2nd battery kit is a good idea. This kit enables the use of two batteries, employing the 2nd battery to power all the accessories and saving the main battery for essential functions like starting. Additionally if both batteries are running low on a charge, the main battery gets a full charge before the charging of the second battery begins.

Fits: 2019+ Yamaha Wolverine X2 and 2018+ Yamaha Wolverine X4
  • Kit mounts underneath the hood, making for easier installation and access
  • Includes cut-to-length wiring and mounting brackets
  • Because of the out of the way mounting, no cargo bed space is lost
  • Battery not included. GS U1L-11 battery or equivalent recommended, sold separately.
Usually ships in 3-4 business days
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