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Trinity Racing Can-Am Maverick X3 EFI Fuel Controller

Item# trin-TR-P125
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Finding the correct fuel to air ratio is imperative to getting the most horsepower out of your Maverick X3 and the only way to get that correct ratio is with an EFI fuel controller. If you have altered the stock airflow, exhaust or use your X3 mainly in altitude that you could be losing out on some serious power. We the Trinity fuel programmer you can adjust your ratios so that you can dial in the correct setting. The Trinity fuel programmer makes it easy to make tuning adjustments on the fly if you find your machine is running a little too rich or a little to lean in certain situations.

Fits: Can Am Maverick and Maverick X3
  • "On-the-fly" adjustments
  • Pre-programmed Trinity Racing exhaust, but can be adjusted for other exhausts
  • Plug and play for easy install
  • Adjust the tune with an easy turn of the screw
  • No CPU required
  • Fully adjustable computer compatibility for ultimate tuning and personalization if necessary
  • 1 year warranty
Usually ships in 1-2 business days
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