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Super ATV | Universal | Heated Seat Kit

Item# SUP-HCSC-U-001
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SuperATV's Universal Heated Seat Kit is the ideal solution for comfortable UTV rides in cold weather.

These heated pads, installed between the cushion and upholstery in the seat and seatback, provide warmth with the simple flip of a switch, making it the perfect cab upgrade for winter riding.

Key features of the Universal Heated Seat Kit include high and low settings, compatibility with almost any UTV, and a complete package with driver and passenger heating pads. The kit is designed to tolerate water, ensuring the heating function continues even after drying.

Equipped with two heating pads per seat—one for the bottom and one for the back—this kit offers effective warming for both the driver and passenger. The included switch provides options for seat-only or seat-and-seatback settings, allowing users to customize their comfort.

The Universal Heated Seat Kit stands out for its resilience against water, as it can still function after drying off, unlike most heated seats that cease to work when damp. Installation is straightforward, with the seat heater pads going under seat covers and all necessary wiring included. The wiring easily connects to a key-on fuse and a ground, requiring only a suitable location for the switch. With these heated seats, riders can enjoy warmth and comfort during cold-weather UTV adventures.

Kit Includes:
  • (4) Heat pads (enough for 2 seats)
  • (2) Rocker switches
  • Wiring harnesses
  • Hog rings and ring pliers
  • Zip ties

    • Heats the seat and seatback
    • Universal fit
    • Installs in your seat between the cushion and the upholstery
    • Tolerates water—continues to heat after drying
    • 3-setting rocker switch included: Low - seat only heat & High - seat and seatback heat
    • Includes driver and passenger-side heating pads

      If you are curious about how to install this product, you can view the Install Instructions here.

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