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Super ATV | Honda Talon 1000R | 1000X | 1000X 4 | Self Canceling Deluxe Turn Signal Kit

Item# SUP-TSK-H-TAL-007
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Honda Talon 1000R : 2019+
Honda Talon 1000X : 2019+
Honda Talon 1000X-4 : 2020+

Enhance the road readiness of your Honda Talon with SuperATV's Deluxe Self-Canceling Turn Signal Kit.

This auto-cancel turn signal kit, featuring BlinkTek Technology, automatically turns off to prevent the annoyance of forgotten signals. BlinkTek synchronizes lights, connecting turn signals, rear taillights, and other accessories for coordinated blinking. The kit, connecting to OEM taillights, includes four amber LED lights for clear signals from various angles. Two rocker switches on the dashboard control signals, with a short press for standard signals and a long press for extended duration.

The kit also incorporates hazard lights and a horn, all illuminated for easy visibility at night. Designed for durability, the water-resistant kit with an IP67 rating is easy to install, making it ideal for a road-ready Talon.

Kit Includes:
  • (4) 3/4 amber LED indicator lights
  • Horn
  • Hazard light/horn rocker switch
  • Turn signal rocker switch
  • Auto-cancel control unit
  • All required hardware and wiring
  • Splice kit

    • Turns off automatically thanks to our BlinkTek Technology
    • Connects to and controls OEM taillights and dash indicator
    • Compatible with LED side mirrors, light bars, whip lights, and other lighting accessories
    • IP67-rated connectors
    • Includes a switch-operated 105 dB horn
    • Functions as turn signals and hazard lights
    • 4 times brighter than our previous turn signal kit
    • Plug and play - Utilizes OEM harness and connectors

      If you are curious about how to install this product, you can view the Install Instructions here.

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