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Super ATV | 2024+ Polaris Xpedition | 4" Portal Gear Lift

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SuperATV's 4” GDP Portal Gear Lift is the ultimate companion for the Polaris Xpedition, enhancing ground clearance, torque, and tire size for superior overlanding adventures.

This lift kit offers a 4” lift and a choice between 15% or 30% gear reduction options, allowing riders to customize their setup for optimal performance. With OEM suspension angles maintained, the lift ensures seamless integration.

GDP portals provide boosted performance and capability, with the built-in gear reduction offering increased torque and acceleration. Riders can choose between gear reductions to suit their specific needs, whether it's maintaining top speed with heavy cargo or ensuring power in challenging terrains.

Designed to protect the drivetrain, GDP Portals reduce stress on components such as axles, differential, prop shafts, and transmission, enhancing longevity. Crafted from cast or 6061 billet aluminum housings paired with advanced steel alloy backing plates, they offer unmatched strength and reliability, ideal for remote adventures. Equipped with advanced gaskets, seals, and bearings, GDP portals ensure reliable operation and prevent oil leaks.

4" Portal Gear Lift Includes:
(4) Assembled portal hub boxes complete w/ 9310 gears, seals, output shaft, gaskets, and thrust bearings
(4) Universal hubs and precision-ground stainless steel slotted rotors w/ lugs
(4) Specialized steel alloy backing plates
(4) Steel caliper mounting plates with spacers
(2) Caliper mounting adapters
(2) Steel steering arms
Extended brake lines with parking brake
All required hardware including recessed castle nut socket

  • 14” or larger wheel required
  • Cannot exceed 5” backspacing
  • Not compatible with dual beadlock wheels

    • Available with billet or cast aluminum housing
    • Cool, quiet, precision-ground gears made from 9310 alloy billet steel
    • 1.5 in. diameter 4340 hardened steel drive shaft
    • Housings use gaskets or O-rings that don’t let anything through
    • Universal hub fits all major bolt patterns
    • Gear reduction reduces stress on your drivetrain
    • Lighter than the competition

      Max Tire Size Required Suspension Setup with GDP Portals
      33" Stock

      If you are curious about how to install this product, you can view the Install Instructions here.

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