S&B Particle Separator 2 - Can-Am Maverick X3 | 2017-2021Zoom

S&B Particle Separator 2 - Can-Am Maverick X3 | 2017-2021

Item# SB-76-7006
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If you ride on the regular and have had it with air filters robbing your ride of power, get ready for Military Grade Construction! Stop choking your engine of power with inferior filters and step up to the ultimate and final filter. This beast of a Particle Separator boasts an automatic variable speed scavenge fan. When you're idle or the vehicle's RPM is low, you can listen to music or talk with friends until it's time to BLAZE and RAGE. The best part? Its proprietary technology allows for the ejection of 94% of dust BEFORE it even reaches your air filter. Even better is the versatile billet clamps that allow it to be installed in numerous positions! When you're ready to level up your air filter, there is no higher upgrade.

  • Eliminates over 94% of dust before it reaches your air filter
  • Mounts easily to the upper or lower roll bars
  • Scavenge fan only runs when needed
  • Connects to your pulse bus bar power
  • Superior engine protection against collapse collapse/dusted motor.
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  • Can-Am Maverick X3 - 2017+
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