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Ranger Crew Canvas Roof/Rear Panel

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There’s probably no better value among RANGER Crew Canvas Enclosure System components than this Crew Canvas Roof/Rear Panel. It offers lightweight, high-value protection overhead and behind the rear seat, and is an integral element of the complete Crew Canvas Enclosure System. The durable canvas Roof provides riders with protection from the sun, inclement weather, flying debris such as rocks or mud, and hazards such as overhanging branches. It fits easily and snugly onto the Crew frame, and the integrated Rear Panel extends to the lip of the cargo box for protection at the rear of the seating area. The Rear Panel features a large clear vinyl window that allows light in and provides outstanding visibility into and out of the seating area. The Rear Panel also provides protection against bad weather, overhanging branches, shifting cargo in the cargo box and more. This Crew Canvas Roof/Rear Panel can be complemented by components such as a Windshield and Crew Canvas Doors (sold separately). If the Roof/Rear Panel is used as part of a complete Crew Canvas Enclosure System, rider comfort can be increased further with cab interior accessories such as a Heater, Fan, Stereo and more (each accessory sold separately).

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