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R2C Arctic Cat Wildcat Air Filter

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Fits: 2012-2015 Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000 Applications

No longer is there a need to risk dust and dirt entering and damaging your wildcat engine.

R2c extreme series wildcat air filters are designed for the most grueling conditions you will encounter and will keep your engines clean.

One of the first and most important things you can do for your Arctic Cat is to protect your investment and eliminate the factory air filter problems.

R2C offers replacement, reusable air filters for the that eliminate engine damaging dust and dirt. The factory filter offers fractional effieciency of approximately 30% on very fine dust. R2C Extreme Series air filters raise the fractional efficiency by almost 3 times over the stock filter, keeping your engines clean in the most severe conditions! Protect your engine and Save Money!

If you thought two-stage oiled foam was an effective filtering media, wait until you experience R2C's Extreme Series dry filtration!

R2C air filters offer unmatched engine protection and easy maintenance in a long-life, oil-free, high performance air filter. A tough, synthetic fiber structure stops and holds dust to .3 microns! These filters rely on advanced military media technology and are designed for severe duty use. R2C air filters will outperform every competitive filter produced for Arctic Cat applications. They're incredibly easy to maintain too!

This specially designed filter media allows you to remove dust using compressed air from inside-out or vacuum the exterior. R2C filters are also washable for long life performance and value.

*Do not attempt to remove dust from cellulose (paper) media using compressed air. Cellulose media is NOT designed for removing dust cake in this manner and it can easily result in media failure. The initial failures or fissures created in cellulose media from compressed air cleaning normally can't be seen by eye but your engine will soon know a media failure occurred.

It's not a bad idea to have your engine oil analyzed from time to time. This provides a good barometer of how well your air filter is performing as well as giving you a good general idea of lubrication efficiency. We perform these tests regularly when designing filter media for each specific application. Compare silicon levels between OEM and R2C Extreme Series filters and you'll quickly see the engine protection benefits.
  • Soft urethane sealing beads for maximum protection against leakage
  • 51% increase in dust holding over the oem filter - maximum power throughout your ride
  • 99.992 efficiency - unmatched on iso fine dust. - keeps the finest dust and silt out of your engine
  • washable and reusable - super-tough, synthetic hybrid fiber media structure specifically designed for a simple maintenance routine using compressed air or vacuum. Wash when needed. Lasts for years, saving you unesccesary expense
  • no messy oiling!
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