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Prowler Machined Sheave

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The following is an exert from one of our tech articles:

The primary sheave is what we are talking about and it is the pulley in the CVT transmission that is attached to the engine. The secondary sheave is the one attached to the transmission.

A machined sheave is where we take the primary sheave and machine out the ends of the slots where the roller weights ride so they can ride out further in the sheave which pushes the belt in more which makes the belt ride higher in the sheave thus increasing the "gear ratio" of the transmission which in turn makes the vehicle go faster with lower RPM, kind of like overdrive if you will.

  • Presently only for modified engines
  • Increase top speed to about 60mph with modified engine
  • Great low end power and great top end
  • Smooth roller wieght transition to avoid RPM spikes

Kit includes the following:

  1. Brand New Arctic Cat Primary Sheave that has been machined
  2. Set of (8) Roller Weights
  3. Set of (8) Roller Weight Housings

    Usually ships in 3-4 business days
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